Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Are you an art collector?


I sold a painting yesterday. Woohoo! So I was thinking about this whole buying and selling art thing. The collector who bought Breezy said she had been in the gallery several times and every time she came in she gravitated to that one. It pulled her in and she decided she couldn't leave without it. 

Some folks think collecting art is only for fancy people. Art collectors are the ones investing in blue chip art - the pieces done by very famous people and sold at very famous prices. We see those amazing numbers when auction houses report their sales - $10,000,000 and up for one painting. But that's another universe. Most of us regular people don't have the funds to invest in blue chip work. 

Sometimes people wonder if a lesser known piece that they're interested in could have the potential to be a big seller in the future. Is this painting a good investment? I think there's a better way to approach buying art. To me, an investment in art means an investment in my environment, an investment in my mental health, an investment in a spiritual connection, an investment in my home decor, an investment in beauty!

It's about love. Pure and simple. If you buy art it should be something you fall in love with - something you want to live with in your home because it makes you feel good when you look at it. Anyone can be an art collector. We start collecting art when we're children. Were you a kid who picked up rocks and stuck them in your pocket to take home because they were pretty? Did you save certain leaves in the fall because of the gorgeous colors? Did you press flowers in a book because you couldn't bear to let them go? I was. I was an art collector then and now. 

Anyone can own original art. I paint more than I collect but when I do buy someone else's art it's because I want to look at it - all the time. If you love an artist's work and have a strict budget, look for smaller pieces they have available. That usually means a smaller price. You could also ask about a payment plan. Many artists are more than willing to work something out with you. Please don't think that art collecting is a game you can't or shouldn't play. Please don't think collecting art is about dollar signs. It's about love and making your surroundings a place where you want to be. It's about letting an image take you on a mental or emotional journey. It's about an investment in yourself.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Art for a Cause

Hi folks, it's been a crazy busy month. There's lots of new stuff going on and changes coming up but that can wait for a later post. For now I just wanted to let you know about this little event we're having at Gallery B. Sept 16th we're doing Art for a Cause and the non-profit that I'm donating to is HOME Hands of Mercy Everywhere.

If you know my history you know why this organization is near and dear to my heart. The home is a place for teen and young, single moms to stay and get the support they need to get on their feet and be great moms to their little ones. Check out their link above to see how they help moms. HOME not only helps young moms with parenting skills, they also help with education, job skills, mental and spiritual health. If something like this were available 41 years ago, things may have been quite different for me and my daughter. 

So if you're in the Ocala area and can support this event, please do! These folks make a huge difference in the lives of teens and their babies. Thank you!!


Tuesday, August 3, 2021

 So this thing happened..... 

The kind folks at Ocala Gazette asked if they could do an interview with me for their paper. Bruce came and took photos and then Lisa came to ask me a lot of questions. Just click this link to read the article or stop by Publix and pick up a copy. Thank you Lisa and Bruce. Thank you Ocala Gazette! Ocala is getting so artsy!! I need to run around town and take some pictures of all the goings on here so I can show you. We have a lot of public art too - Horse Fever, murals, and sculpture.

What is your town up too?