Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Hi again,

It's been slow going so far but now we're making progress!! The contractor has the extra walls down and now we can start fixing, painting, and putting down new flooring. The painting you saw happening in the last post was only one small space, the only one we could do before having those walls removed.

The 2 views above are from Gallery 1, the main room when you enter. Getting rid of the little office in front really opened things up.

Gallery 2 had a small office built into it with 3/4 walls. Once these studs are gone it's a nice big open room. Gallery 3 is a small individual gallery that's more intimate, like a room in your home. Since that space has a door we could close it off from the dust and do more prep work in there. It was the first space to be painted and ready to go. The classroom will also be ready soon.

I can't even begin to tell you how exciting it is! Cheryl and I started talking about this idea back in July of last year. A couple of months later we were getting serious about it. Then the hunt began for the perfect location. We had our hearts set on one particular space but for many reasons it didn't work out. And we are so glad it didn't because we're very happy with where we landed. The folks in Chelsea Square have been so welcoming and kind. And thanks to Vintage Toy King they have their own Facebook page where they promote and support all the shop owners in the plaza.

It won't be long now and we'll have our logo on the window and artwork on the walls. We're shooting for a soft opening June 24th so stay tuned.