Thursday, April 23, 2020

Before, During and After

The last post was pretty heavy. It's a heavy subject that's very important to me and the next painting in the Don't Forget series is prepped on the canvas and ready to go. But, sometimes you need a break from heaviness and have to lighten things up a little - literally and mentally. After doing so many detailed nest paintings I needed to play so I was looking around my studio and realized I have some old abstract paintings that I didn't really feel all that connected to anymore.

I pulled this one out and decided it was too dark, too tight and just wasn't me anymore so I did this....

And then after more layers and lines with acrylic and graphite, some scrubbing back and then more layers, I ended up with this.

acrylic and graphite

You can still see remnants of the old painting peeking through and I like that. It gives the painting depth but it also has a lighter feel now. A new perspective on an old painting and a lightness of being.

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