Monday, July 11, 2011

Progress Report

 Well, here's an update on a canvas from last post. Remember the crazy one with the straw glued to it and gesso over that? This is where it is now. I decided to apply copper leaf to most of the canvas.
And now there are layers and dribbles of phthalo blue and cobalt teal acrylic. I can blame this part on Eddie Izzard While I was painting (just staring at the canvas actually) I was watching his show Dress to Kill and there on the stage behind him was this gorgeous backdrop that looked like gold, copper and blue. I looked at the tv, looked at the white mess of a canvas, looked at the tv again and said AHA! So there we have it. Where does it go from here? I have no idea, I wonder who else I have on DVD.

PS: LOVE THIS PART..... Engelbert Humperdink

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