Friday, July 29, 2011

So many projects......

 Sharpes Ferry Bridge
oil on canvas

I'm delivering this painting to the Marion County Museum of History today. The museum is getting revamped and will be opening again soon. I'm happy to be included in the first art display.

 I included this close up so I could show you the peeling paint. Do you see to the right of the number 2 where it looks like the paint is curled completely back to show the white underneath? I actually attached 2 small pieces of canvas to the canvas so those 2 bits of paint would literally curl away from the surface. I thought it would be fun to have that little touch of added dimension on the smooth surface. Getting this painting out again makes me want to do some more realism in oil.... so many projects..... not enough hours :)

And..... here's another little sneak peak at Sunny. He's almost done! Every inch of him is now covered with paint so I'm down to the details and cleaning up edges. I hope to be finished in the next week but you still have to wait until September to see the whole thing, unless of course you want to come see him at the studio. You can do that!

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