Monday, May 30, 2011


Welcome to my new blog. This would make blog number 3. Am I nuts? Maybe. I didn't want to talk about studio stuff here or adoption stuff here. Here I just want to focus on the painting and the art process. The question I ask in the info about me is "So am I unfocused and immature or versatile and creative?". That question comes from a discussion I had with someone in an online discussion forum about the art world. Because I like to work on different subjects in different media I was characterized as unfocused and immature. The discussion got quite heated and it seemed to me that the person accusing me of being immature in my work was actually immature in her discussion of my work. So, the question remains.... is an artist unfocused when she works in a variety of media and subject matter or is the artist simply being open to the creative muses and expressing that creativity? Is there a different perception depending on whether the viewer of the body of work is coming from the academic world or the gallery world or the creator's world? Do those different perspectives need to be in conflict?

Your thoughts?